Thursday, April 4, 2013

WebCenter PS6 ( and future releases

Version PS6 ( of WebCenter has been released on 1st of April, 2013. PS6 includes many bug fixes in addition to enhancements to the WebCenter Content Application Extension Framework (AXF) supporting integrations with E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft.

There will be one major version (PS7) of WebCenter by end of 2013. In this release, following are some highlights I learned from Oracle:-

1. there is no more two solutions (Spaces & Portal) for WebCenter. Spaces will be the part of WebCenter Framework. Only one concept that is PORTAL.

2. We can create multiple portal from Web Interface.

3. You can import/export portal archive (PAR exactly like JAR/WAR/MAR) from/to Web to/from JDeveloper for complex customization.

4. All types of popup windows will be eliminated from portal.

5. You can drag and drop Web 2.0 components and taskflows on to the page from resource catalogue.

6. Migration among different environments is easy due to PAR.

You will see WebCenter 12C in somewhere in 2014. 12C will be based on PS7 features but utilizing & certifying Weblogic 12C and other components of FMW 12C.

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