Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hiden Gem of Oracle WebCenter: Spaces Automatic Services Configuration

Spaces supports automatic configuration of certain Oracle WebCenter Portal services.  Mean, you don’t need to set discussion, portlet, UCM services etc from the EM manually. This feature is available from 11G PS3 onward.
The Automatic Service Configuration only worked if the following conditions are met:
  • Spaces and the target component must be installed in the same domain.
  • The managed server of the target component must have an explicit listening address. If its listening address is empty or null or "localhost", then it must have a system associated to it that has an explicit address.
  • The target component (like discussions, ucm, pagelet etc) must not be deployed to a cluster.
  • You must start the managed servers associated to the WebCenter Portal services first. Then, start the WC_Spaces managed server.

Currently, automatic Service Configuration is implemented for the following Services:
Default Connection Name
Specific Rule
Discussions and Announcements services
The user granted the Administrative role exists in discussions.

Documents service

Pagelet producer

Personalization service

Preconfigured portlet producers
wc- OmniPortlet



Worklist service and Spaces workflows
WebCenterSpaces- Worklist

Every time you start Spaces it will try to create the connections unless they already exist. This will be true until the service is configured for the first time unless you disable automatic service configuration. If the automatic configuration fails for a specific component, then you will have to manually configure the service.
You can verify from the EM that service connections are automatically configured for the Spaces application when you start the managed servers.
If required, you can disable the auto-configuration feature by setting the following Java property in domain_home/bin/  (on UNIX) or domain_home\bin\setDomainEnv.cmd (on Windows). 


Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g Release 1 (

4.2 Working with Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces

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