Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to apply patchset 11gR1PS4 to Oracle WebCenter 11gR1PS3 for Windows?

Patching Scope
This guide will cover the patching information of following products:-
- Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1PS3 (PS#12395560)
- Oracle WebCenter 11gR1PS3 (PS#12395099)
- Oracle Universal Content Management 11gR1PS3 (PS#12395130)

Patching Pre-requisits
1. Must have a Oracle Support account that have downloading permission
2. Your existing Oracle WebCenter is up and running properly. 
3.  Download the Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1PS4
4. Download the Oracle Fusion Middleware (WC & ECM) 11gR1PS4 from

Patching Instructions
1. Stop all the servers.
2. Take the backup of Oracle Homes, oracle_common and domain directories
Following diagram will explain the high level steps for this patching process:-

 2. Run the wls1035_upgrade_win32.exe file. Here you need to specify the Middleware home of your weblogic.
3. Run the Patch Set Assistant in order to patch the MDS Schemas using following command:-
ORACLE_HOME\bin\psa.bat -dbType Oracle -dbConnectString //localhost:1521/xe -dbaUserName sys -schemaUserName DEV_MDS
Note:- For WebCenter PS3, you only need to update MDS schema.
4. Merge downloaded directories (disk1 and disk2) of ECM patchset into one single directory and run the Oracle ECM installer (setup.exe) to patch your Oracle ECM software. Here you need to specify the updated middleware home directory.
5. Run the Oracle WebCenter installer (setup.exe) to patch your Oracle WebCenter software. Here you need to specify the updated middleware home directory.
6. Start all the servers.

Post Installation Task
There is no post intallation task from 11GR1PS3 to 11GR1PS4 for our

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