Friday, July 8, 2011

How to add a Worklist component to a page at runtime using WebCenter Space?

If you want to add Worklist service component to a page at runtime (i.e. from WebCenter Space), you have to perform following two tasks:-

1. Creation of BPEL Connection:
i. Login to your Enterprise Manager
ii. Click WebCenter -> Settings -> Service Configuration -> Worklist
iii. Add a new Connection, select Active Connection, enter your BPEL SOAP URL (like http://<SOA_SERVER_HOSTt>:<SOA_SERVER_PORT>/)
iv. Restart Webcenter managed server.

2. Adding a Worklist component to a page
Once connection has been established successfully, 2nd step is how to add Worklist components from the Resource Catalog to a page. For this follow the following steps:-
i. Login to WebCenter Spaces
ii. Navigate to the relevant page where you want to add Worklist service (OR) create a new page.
iii. Open a page in Edit mode. You can also open page in edit mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E
iv. Click the Add Content button on the target region to open the Resource Catalog
v. Navigate to the Alerts and Updates --> Worklist component  and click Add link next to it.
vi. Click Save and then Close to exit page edit mode.

: Pls note that Worklist tasks will be displayed inside authenticated pages only. 2ndly, WebCenter Space and BPEL should configured with same LDAP server (Recommended way). You can add worklist task flows in personal pages only.

For Administration of Worklist Connection, pls see

How to add Component on a page, pls see

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