Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Configure WebCenter Space Development ZIP file?

All the WebCenter Space resources like skin, page templates, page style, navigation, mashup styles etc are deployed as a WebCenter Space shared library.When you are going to configure WebCenter Space Development ZIP on windows environment, you will face few issues. In this post i will explain those missing steps as well.
a.        WebCenter Spaces is installed, configured, and working as expected.
b.       JDeveloper 11G is installed
a.        WebCenter Framework and Services Design Time Extensions are installed

1.    Download the WebCenter Spaces development ZIP file ( from Oracle Technology Network:
2.        Unzip the content.
3.        Copy the content of copy_to_common directory into jdeveloper/Oracle_Home directory
4.        Copy the content of copy_to_jdev_ext directory into jdeveloper\jdev\extensions directory
5.        Restart JDeveloper.
6.        Open the project DesignWebCenterSpaces.jws in jdeveloper
7.        Change the according to your WebCenter Space environment.  If working for Windows, use \\ . For example\\Oracle\\Middleware
8.        Change the WebCenterSpacesExtensionLibrary \ file according to your WebCenter Space environment. This step is missing in WebCenter’s Developer Guide (E10148-12) and you will face class patch and XML parsing issues.
9.        Add ant-contrib.jar into jdeveloper\modules\net.sf.antcontrib_1.0.0.0_1-0b2\lib directory. You can download it from This step is also missing in WebCenter Developer Guide (E10148-12).
10.     Right-click build.xml, located under WebCenterSpacesExtensionLibrary and choose Run Ant Target > clean-stage
11. Now, your project is configured and ready to deploy on WebCenter Spaces environment via shared library, choose Run Ant Target > deploy-shared-lib.


  1. Could you please brief about poing no 8, even iam following the guide (49 Extending WebCenter Spaces Using JDeveloper)but here also iam not able to find the build.xml file under the project

  2. Few files are hidden in jdeveloper. You can see those files as well using following steps:-
    1. Right click on the project
    2. Go to Project Properties --> Project Source Paths --> Excluded
    4. Just remove those files that you want to see within jdeveloper