Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Oracle Database 10G Patch Installation on Windows 2003 innon-clustered environment

This installation procedure will apply from any version of Oracle DB 10G to upgraded version of 10G in non-clustered or non-RAC environment.

1. Before installing, shutdown all database services from the control panel.

2. Run the db_patch/setup.exe file.

3. During installation, specify existing installed database home.

4. Select default in rest of the steps of the installation and complete the installation.

5. Start the listener and database services from the control panel. dbconsole service remain stop.

6. Run the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant from Start --> Program Files --> Oracle_DB_10G_Home-->Configuration and Management Tools.

a. select the name of the Oracle Database that you want to update

b. On the Recompile invalid objects screen, select the Recompile the invalid objects at the end of upgrade option

c. If you have not taken the back up of the database earlier, on the Backup screen, select the I would like to take this tool to backup the database option. [Optional]

This patch installation will take almost 1 hour depends upon the processor.

For detailed instructions and troubleshooting, pls see

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